About Us

We are a friendly team that understands the need for a professional business address.

Blue Koala Office Solutions was formed in early 2022. We are a small team that wanted to create a professional environment whilst still keeping a non-sterile atmosphere. 

We found there was a need for affordable solutions both when it comes to having a professional address and also in terms of desk hire and meeting room hire amongst other services.

Meet the team

Jamie & Charlott

Jamie and Charlott McAnsh run See No Bounds. A global business network that believes in business without barriers. With a growing audience and consisting of many benefits. See No Bounds works to create new connections, better exposure, great value and more business for the members. 

Charlott has many years experience in business growth, event management and networking, Charlott is well placed to look after the members of See No Bounds to make sure they get exactly what they need. 

Jamie is a master of connections, a trained coach and business role model he loves seeing start up businesses grow and succeed. Working alongside organisation like Big Ideas Wales and The Prince’s Trust. Jamie is passionate about young people and creating young entrepreneurs.   

Danielle & Andy

Danielle and Andy Brown run First For Help VA Services

With many years experience working in various roles, such as administration, tournament and event planning, management, social media marketing and website administration. 

The team at First For Help will help in any way they can to make your life easier. If they can’t do it, they will find someone who can. 

More Information...

If you would like to advertise your business on Google a virtual and registered address adds credibility and is more secure than using your home address. 

If you are looking for business opportunities in Cardiff or Newport it is vital to have an address in the area to show that you have a presence in the area where you are looking for clients. This will enable you to win more business. If you register your business on Google and use our address, it will help with your Google rankings.

A virtual office address can be a solution to so many aspects of your business and will not only make sure mail gets delivered but can also support other areas of your business such as a meeting room when required for greeting new clients or for staff interviews.

Blue Koala Office Solutions is not a VAT registered company, making it easy to compete with our nearest competitors on price. This is a simple but effective solution for small companies that are also not VAT registered.

Norman house is the business first line address, so this creates a professional feel for any business. Our in-house scanning service means that you can have your mail within minutes of delivery, and you can then collect your mail at your convenience. We could also simply forward your post onto you! All whilst ensuring confidentiality.

We are a friendly team who all run our own businesses. We want to make your life nice and simple without the over head costs and complicated contracts, so why not get in touch to find out more?